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When Is The Rainy Season In BALI

October to April Bali Rainy Season



The collection of Islands that make up BALI has a lot to offer. Beautiful beaches, greenery, volcanos and interesting culture. However you might want to visit Bali when the weather is the best it can be.

Bali suffers from a rainy season when the weather is not as predictable as it’s sister season. The sunny season. In this post I will reveal; When exactly is the rainy season in Bali? How long does the rainy season in Bali last? And what temperature is it in Bali during the rainy season?

When Is The Rainy Season In Bali?

When Is The Rainy Season In Bali

Bali’s rainy season starts in October and lasts to around April Time. Bali’s high season is from July- August and includes December.

Bali Rainy Season: October – April

High Season: July – August, December

How Long Does The Rainy Season In Bali Last?

The rainy season in Bali lasts 6 months from October to April.

What Temperature Is It In Bali During The Rainy Season?

The temperature does not dip as much as you may think. The short bursts of rain normally do not alter the temperature but increase the humidity.

The average temperature during the rainy season in Bali is 30 degrees.

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