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Price of Beer In Bali

Rp 25,000 Beer Prices in Bali. Learn the cost of a beer in Bali



Alcohol prices in Bali are not as low as you may have thought. Popular tourist spots often charge high amounts for alcohol and beer. Below we have listed the price of the most popular beers in Bali. Take a look! Learn the price of beer in Bali.

Beer Prices Bali

Bintang Beer 4.7% AlcoholRp 15,000 – Rp 90,000
$1.06 USD – $6.33 USD
Anker BeerRp 15,000 – Rp 90,000
$1.06 USD – $6.33 USD
Bali Hai (Brewed in Jakarta)Rp 25,000
$1.76 USD
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