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How Much Money Do I Need A Day In Bali On Holiday

$100 USD A Day Will Be Enough



If you planning your trip to Bali and wondering approximately how much money will you need to survive day to day.

The cost of 3 meals a day in Bali, the additional cost of alcoholic drinks and day trips. How much should I budget for a trip to Bali. What is the daily cost to holiday in Bali.

Much Money Do I Need A Day In Bali

A general rule is $100USD per person per day is enough to get you by but without too much luxury.

Bali Fancy Hotels

If your planning on staying in luxury hotels and indulging on expensive meals this $100USD per person could be a lot more. $100 USD would be enough for the basics without too much luxury.

Price is Beer In Bali

The cost of alcohol in Bali can be costly. Spirits you will find cost as much as western countries. The price mainly has been driven up through tourisim.

The cost of an average beer in Bali is Rp 25,000 which is around $6 USD. Read more about the cost of beer in Bali here.

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